Thursday, October 30, 2008

Welcome to the new look of MAYHEM!

Isn't it beautiful?  

I just found that song to the right... I think it's fitting.  After all, my greatest ambition is to resemble June, and of course we all know Ben is Ward right?? lol

well... I like the message... none of us are really that way... order? control? what's that?  But it doesn't matter because the beauty is in the mayhem.  

PLEASE leave comments and let me know if you have any trouble viewing the new blog.. the music... if the formatting looks right on your computer....  It looks great on mine.. but that's never a guarantee.



amberd. said...

Hey you. I like your blog. I am about to go to a 3 column as well. I've just been too lazy to move with it since I have to reenter ALL my widgets. NOT fun. I've been helping a friend of mine with his website and I found a simple black 3 colum that I like. I have so many widgets...i think it will just look better with 3 columns. And the video player...haha! funny, I was gonna add that to my blog too. I guess great minds think alike. I'm in love with Gavin Rossdales video "Love Remains the Same" Totallly obsessed. Hmmm?

I'm glad Rye Guy has a blog. You'll find however, that it is just dOUBLE the work for you. Sydney makes me type in al of her posts. I think to myself...gee whiz! I've got enough to do!

Went on a 3 mile run today. It was supposed to be 4...but my IT band is still giving me fits! SUCK! Don't know what to do about that. Pain. Yep.

Anyhoooo....good job on the bloggy. When I get my butt in gear...I suppose I will get all the crap I want to get up on my blog as well. Cheers! thanks for inspiriing me. Sort of.

And I guess I'm black listed from the weight loss blog. Tiffy never invited me in. That stinker. But I hope it inspires you darling.


Erin said...

Love it. I really like the background. Good Work!

Tiffany Cameron said...

so cute! how did you get the middle part to be big like that? what program did you use?
i'm loving the video on the side. too too cute ha ha ha.
miss amber, i am going to let you blog stalk the blog - however, you are WAY to small to be a part. oh little one, how would it be to have someone say that to me? i totally rhymed :)

Marshall Home said...

your photos are amazing. In case you haven't been told lately... YOU ARE A GREAT MOMMY!!!!

Dawn said...

Okay, so in being NEW to this whole blog thing, my blog is very sad looking! How do you do all the cool backgrounds and new layouts?? I love you top part with all your pics! Call me sometime and maybe you can help me!