Monday, October 6, 2008

Grape Pie

The home we just moved into her in Jerome has grape vines!

I was so excited to see them because we had just come from a family reunion in New York where grape pie is widely known.  The local winery there makes and sells the pies and the fillings.  

I was skeptical at first, but must say that it is now my very favoritest pie ever!!  

I of course set out at once to make my very own.  The crust, a new recipe, was exquisite!  My best yet.  The pie... well, I liked it.  It was a bit like sour cherry pie.  It was best with ice cream.  

I'll admit... the green was a bit to get over... but it was tasty.  I really want to get my hands on some concord grapes though, so that I can make one just like the New York pie.

yum yum yum... 

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Tiffany Cameron said...

The crust looks SOOO good. Your right though - the green, well - not so much :) The way you described it though, makes me want to go have pie. (and I don't even like pie). Props to you!
(do people even use that term anymore?)