Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rylie... possessed? or just mad?

So, this is Rylie's new face for when she's upset with us. 

I think it's purpose is to convince us that she's displeased or angry. 

Perhaps she's trying to strike fear into our hearts and bend our will to her wily ways???

Well, it might not be working... but it sure makes me pause.  *yikes*  "they're baaaaack" is all I can think.

disturbing, disturbing, disturbing.


Tiffany Cameron said...

that seriously is one of the freakiest things i have seen! sorry, i know she's your kid and all - but WOW. happy halloween to us :)
almost looks like the lady on 'The Ring'. She just needs to put on a nasty black wig and she will have the part. AHHHH

amberd. said...

OH YES! The RING! That movie is DANG freaky by the by. And Riley is the "mean" girl turned "evil" girl! lol! Reminds me of Lincoln and his Pee wee herman interpretation! lol! I'll have to post that soon. Too funny.

Marshall Home said...

At least she can tell you she's mad with out throwing fit since she has the face down pat!! LOL