Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~~holy MAGNETS! batman~~

So, I've spent forever working on these, but I'm finally just about done...

There's a ton up at my etsy shop now if you'll would like to check it out

Seriously great and inexpensive christmas gifts... *wink wink*

If you don't see any you like... let me know what you would like.

I can pull images from anything... or send some photos.... whatever!!

k... I'll get off my box now ;)  let me know what you think!


Tiffany Cameron said...

HOLY CRAP! i think your fridge is going to fall over. it's what i like to call 'front heavy'? Um ya - or something like that.
Speaking of Christmas presents, didn't a dear friend of yours say she was going to buy a stalker magnet? hmmm ... just wondering :)
i am going to have to buy some of those. but i want it to say 'PB is the new silicone'.

amberd. said...

Pahahaha! Oh man....Tiffy gave me the best laugh. PB is the new silicone. I LOVE it! hahaha! K...for real. I DO want a stalker magnet. Because I LOVE to stalk people by sending them magnets that say stalker. hahaha! DANG...I make like the BEST stalker. Also...I want a flair for davo with a pic of the POO he sent me on my phone one day. Sicko. Just wait til' he opens that bad boy up. Starin' right at his own bowel movement. Did I mention sicko? But really, I've got a LONG LONG list of these bad boys for you to make me. Maybe one with a pic of a lump of coal on it for you know who. Yeah...I'm in my "mean girl" mood today.

You are doing a fabulous job babe. really, you're so talented. I wish I was half as talented and creative as you. Uuuuugggh. Boy...I'm doing a lot of comparing my worst to others bests today. I need to go back to cleaning. HEY!! I turned my computer OFF today for half the day! Arent you so proud? thats a first for me!! Boy...I REALLY AM making progress....

Love you!

amberd. said...

You HAVE made a dahle llama flair button haven't you? HAVEN'T YOU? hahaha!

Marchant Mayhem said...

WOOT WOOT holla holla!! I'm so proud of you!!!!

but ok... something was totally in the air... cuz I had my computer off for a time today too...

maybe I just knew you weren't there so I figured... why bother???

as for the pb comments.... you know in all seriousness... maybe the scent is an aphrodisiac?? just wait for a hot day and watch out ladies, you'll be beating them off like flies... well, you'll probably have to beat a few of those off as well *grin*

k... anyone who really wants one, either go to my etsy page and get them there or make a list for me...

now amber... is this really HIS poo we're talking about??? that's so nasty! I'm dry heaving just thinking about it!!

and tiff... did you catch the hilarious super hero pic and convo back and forth between d and myself??? He makes a pretty ugly girl... lol... or I make one scary man! go check it out.