Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rylies new Dew

This last weekend I went to give Rylie a trim... just a trim!

She got SOO excited and wanted to chop it.  

I tried in vain to convince her otherwise (my girls hair grows sooooo slow, unlike Tanner's which grows like weeds... it's sooo unfair)

Finally I did the dirty deed... but, after it was done, and since then, I've decided it really does fit her personality.  The best part, was how happy it made her.  She really does act so differently when she feels good about herself whether it be clothes, hair, nails, whatever.  While it's a delicate balance to teach her not to value her outward appearance above certain other more important things in life... I think I'm going to concede early in her life that we don't have to do it "my" way.  I'd rather see that "glow" she gets when she feels good about herself.  Besides, happiness in exchange for 6 (sniff) inches of hair.... a good deal I say.... (sniff)  ok... so it's still a bit sad.... but I'm not letting on..  ;)


The Neff Family said...

I love her new hair cut! She looks so happy!
I think the last time I saw her was when she was a baby.

Marchant Mayhem said...

yup... she was only like... 10 months or so when we moved to Illinois... craziness!

It's funny how that all seems soooooo long ago... yet really it was only 4 years... seems like an eternity!

I'm sooo loving your profile pic by the way... could your hair get any more gorgeous???

Tiffany Cameron said...

I looooove this haircut! It looks absolutely adorable on her.
I understand being torn between teaching her values and still trying to make her feel good about herself - auh(sigh) - did we sign up for this in PARENTING 101?
PS I WAS DYING OF LAUGHTER from that utube video. Thanks for the chuckle!

amberd. said...

You always do such a nice job. I love Rye's hair short. It really does suit her personality. Lib is asking for me to cut hers again too. *sigh*..... The age of short hair is upon us. tra la la. Remember when we were kids, all the little girls had long hair. *sigh*....