Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tonight was a huge FUN fest!!

Ok... first off, I'm not going to procrastinate costumes this much next year!!  We had quite the ordeal getting it all together today. In the end it all worked out though.

Jocelyn:  We asked her what she wanted to be this year and she said a "vampire skunk".  I know where the skunk comes from... but not the vampire fascination... We obviously nixed the vampire idea.  The skunk side of things comes from a Clifford book we have.  In it Charlie's dad tells all the kids about Wiffy the Skunk Ghost.  It's really her favorite story, so it was a good fit for her.  She loved chasing the cats and "stinking them" as she called it... lol  so funny!

Rylie:  Rylie might seem abrasive at first glance... but she's my softy in the family.  She loves anything sweet, cute, girly... Her favorite animal is a pink poodle.  I found this costume and she was in love.  The poofs are made with those bath scrunchy ball thingys...  She told me as she was running around the back yard that she thought she was turning into a dog... her stomach was making her bark!  

Tanner:  Tanner wanted something unique this year and I think he got it.  Of course all credit goes to Family but hey, I think the execution was all right...  He of course is a little boy being abducted by an alien.  He got soooo many comments while we were out tonight... and he soaked up every last one of them... If he even thought he heard or saw someone noticing him... he'd stop, and preform.  His costume was a real hit!


Erin said...

Great costumes! And the alien one is totally freaky. How fun. Hope you got lots of candy. And it looks like the weather was pretty nice.

Dawn said...

They are SO cute!!! Looks like you guys had a blast! Jaxon is still not really into the whole thing, maybe it's cause I don't really play it up, who knows! Maybe he's still too little, but he was good with about 4-5 houses, made it wasy on us! Good Work!

Tiffany Cameron said...

these are REALLY good! look at you go! i am loving your model picture in the leaves. so seductive!
i was laughing at Jocelyn. I was thinking "is she stinking the cat? - no she probably didn't realize she was posing like that" - but nope, SHE WAS!!! too cute

camery said...

What great costumes! I love them all! Your kids seem to have such fun personalities. Hmmm...wonder where they get that from..
Happy Halloween!

amberd. said...

I lOVED your costumes girl! soo cute! I love ryes the best! and i saw the alien one too. my kids just wont let me go homemade any more. and dang it! I make some way cute costumes! uuurrgh! you look pretty with the spidery things on your face. you are a pretty pretty girl. if i hadnt been on facebbook all night catcing up with two old freinds...i was gonna post! oye me!

kimhumpherys said...

love, love the costumes..may have to copy the pink poodle..too cute!