Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tanner Bruce Marchant ---- Happy 8th B-day!!!

Four score and twenty-eight months ago, our Tanner graced us with his sly, witty, exuberant, precocious and humorous presence, filling our lives with a passion for exploration, adventure and discovery.  Yesterday, Tanner turned 8.  What a milestone!!!  We celebrated with games, gifts, Uncle Geoff, several of his school mates and lots and lots of LEGOS!  It was a LEGO party to remember.  There was a LEGO building contest, a LEGO tossing contest and there was even (an exquisitely baked) LEGO cake eating extravaganza with ice cream, root beer and cherry topping to boot!  Everyone had a lot of fun, especially Tanner (of course).  For dinner he took the family to Gertie's Brick Oven pizza in Twin Falls where the servers bring a variety of pizzas to your table buffet-style (only you don't have to do any of the work!).  Tanner is very excited about all his presents and has played with everything from his new LEGO sets to his Bakugon games and a crazy machines computer game.  

Tanner Bruce Marchant

loves:  Animals, Legos, Bakugon, Indiana Jones, books about Mythical creatures and legends 
Favorite color:  Green
Wants to be a:  Biologist
Favorite pastime:  jumping on the trampoline, playing on the computer
Favorite ice cream flavor:  Cookie Dough
Favorite food:  Pizza

If he could travel anywhere it would be to Austrailia....

 "there's lots of cool varieties of animals there:

Thanks for the memories!

We LOVE you!!


Tiffany Cameron said...

ohhh - i don't know why but pictures of when kids are younger almost make me a little emotional. i can't believe how fast they grow up. and then they turn into US! scary, scary, scary.
i love that picture of his red tongue. let me guess - um, a cherry lollipop w/gum in the middle?

The Neff Family said...

i love the pics of when he was 4!!!! that is the tanner i remember. tell him happy birthday from us!

amberd. said... i'm loving the pic of him in his little gray suit! lincoln is looking at all the pics and saying "look at tanner!! look at tanner!" they are all so cute! and happy happy bday tanner!

you didn't mention this on the phone yesterday. *sigh* i fear we are slowly slipping away. ho goes life I guess! I told craig about your custard idea. and really - i love it! You are such an inspiration to me! You make me want to get out there and grab life by the arse!!! YES! YES! YES! Can you tell I am felling just way darn happy today! aaahhh. I'm inspired!

love ya!


Anonymous said...


I can't believe Tanner is so grown up!!!!! I found a link to your BLOG on Amanda's BLOG! Wow your little family looks so sweet! I would love to hear form you sometime!
Sara Jensen