Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3rd times a charm!

Ben and I always looked at the gender of our children as a competition of sorts.  First he was ahead... then we were tied.  Jocelyn was the tie breaker... and now...


That's right, baby #4 is another Girl!!  We're so far ahead now we've decided to call the end of the game on a mercy win.  I'm sooooo excited to be doing all this for the last time.  Not that I don't love every minute (ok.. well most, I'm human after all).  It's just such a wonderful feeling to really have finality and a sense of closure... I'm completely at peace with it. 

Here's a video of the 4d ultra-sound.  A bit disappointing I have to say.  The doctor said she wasn't facing the right way for the best image.... in the end... it's just a bit scary.  But for all those that have wondered what it's like... just as I had.... here you go.


I must admit though... I was sooo convinced it was a boy that I've been thrown for quiet the loop.  The biggest adjustment is names.  If it had been  a boy... easy peasy... it was going to be Maxwell Neil Marchant, our little M n' M  lol.  Well, some how I  just don't like Maxine in quite the same way.  I think it just reminds me a bit too much of gigantic women with a bobbed hair do and whisky drinking horses.... you get my drift?

Now we're faced with picking another girls name.  The problem isn't that I can't find anything I like... rather, I can't figure out what I like best.... and by I, I do mean Ben as well.  We're pretty much on the same page with this one.

I'll post the list of front runners as of now... of course it changes daily.  Feel free to voice your opinions... just keep in mind I might not listen *grin*  but then again... you all might have some good thoughts to consider... or other names to add to the list.


here's the names:


obviously I lean towards the old fashioned names... but not horribly common.  k... have a blast picking them apart *grin*


Erin said...

Talia was in it till the end for us. I really like that name. Here are a couple more:


Good luck!

Familia_Henderson said...

yay for girls! I am partial to Hazel and Eliza myself. Can't you just see little Elinor and Eliza running around together? :o) We'd only have to call for Ellie and they'd both come running! hehe... Did you have a special middle name picked out or could you use two of your favorite names together?
Hazel Loren Marchant?
Eliza Avery Marchant?

¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

yeah!!! congrats! i am so glad things are going well and so are you. as for names, hmmm . . . i'll sleep on it and let you know!

The Neff Family said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you! Congrats! It is a great feeling knowing you are done! I LOVE it!
Cute names!

Dawn said...

Okay so those names are WAY cute! I like Dellilah, Avery, and Eliza. I also thought if you were wanting to stick with an m, Mary Jean is kinda old fashioned and cute, but those are just my thoughts! I will keep thinking and then post again! Can't wait to see you guys in a few months! It will not get here fast enough for me, i want to come now!! :)

Kari and Helen said...

Helen and I like Hazel and Delilah best. Avery and Loren are male spellings, traditionally anyway. Lots of other great names out there... If she gets to be Hazel, either first or middle, we'll call her Bunny too.