Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our FIRST Egg.

Broody is a Silkie Hen.  Her name is Broody because... well you might have guessed, she's a bit broody.  This is one of the reasons we bought her and her sister Ruby in the first place.  Silkies are great nesters.  They just love to sit on their clutch and wait for the eggs to hatch.  When we bought her we were told that she had been laying for a while was starting to sit on some eggs.  We took her home along with 4 eggs that we hoped would become little baby fluff balls ( that didn't turn out so well in the end.... a bad homemade incubator, enough said).  In the end I don't think she was actually laying yet, and she wasn't ready to sit on any eggs... Fast forward 4 weeks and we've got an egg almost every day from her!!  Cute little tan eggs.  They're a bit smaller than the large store eggs, but her shells are thick and the yolks are a deep deep golden color.

Broody the Hen working hard to lay that egg....  BREATH Broody!

Broody and Ruby in their nest boxes.

Left:  Broody's egg    Right:  Store's egg

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Familia_Henderson said...

YAY!!! The marchant blog lives! And it has chickens! Cute new...well, EVERYTHING!! Everybody already looks so much bigger! I can't wait for more blog posts!