Friday, October 30, 2009

What would you do to save a buck?

Would you load up your baby in 38 degree weather and head to Old Navy at 8:00 in the morning when they don't open till 10:00????

Well I WOULD!!

Today they had a sale to beat allllll sales!  Whitney and Jolyne came with me (so nice to have some company to help me scowl at all the line cutters).  The first 50 in the door got a special little bag.  Anything you could fit "in" that bag was 50% off.  Thankfully they accepted our "loose" interpretation of "in"... we thought, if you can pull the handles together it's alllll good.  Still, can you believe I got it alllll into that puny little bag??  I ended up saving 257.59 and spending 153.50... that's 411.09 worth of items for the bargin price of 153.50!!!!  

Might I add that I got 63 items.... which breaks it down to 2.43 per item!!!

I love a good sale *grin*


Hester said...

I was not so insane. I got there just past 10. I just needed to get a few things for Ethan as he's growing so fast. It was definitely a zoo, though. Yeah, 50% off already reduced items is great! If we could have afforded to spend more I would have gone nuts. As it was $2 per item is great. I can't even find used clothes for the kids that cheep.

Erin said...

I totally would have gone if I would have remembered that it was today! I kept thinking in the back of my mind that it is tomorrow. Way to go. Wish I was there to have fun with you.

jolyne77 said...

I totally love your post! Twas a fun time, eh? ;-) Glad your square up was okay...Ben's a good guy ;-)

I'm glad you took the pics, Man our receipts were long eh? You have to be SO proud of your totals!!! That one pic of us in line is AWFUL though...and I'm thinking to myself...I look freekin' ridiculous...then I looked around...and EVERYONE well...good times!

The girls wore their Halloween T's tonight at the school carnival, SOO cute!

Anyhow..NIIICE JOB sista'!!

PS...Paul is downloading your, I think he likes it LOL!!!

jolyne77 said...

Crap forgot to give you mine...sorry...

My bill was 179.50
Total discount was 311.84

So the total would have been:491.34

So, the break was I paid 36%...a savings of : 64% in all.

Thank you Old Navy! And for friends who will stand in the cold in the early morning just to catch a great deal!!

Yeah us!!