Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tanner Bruce Marchant

Favorite Song:  Life is Like a Jump Rope - by Blue October
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Toy:  Bakugon
Hobby:  Collecting things: cataloguing, sorting, classifying anything

Tanner Loves animals.  He still wants to be a field biologist when he grows up.  When he's not tormenting his sisters he loves to torment the cats.  The boy is still horrible at making decisions... but he's learning this about himself and is inclined presently to practice the fine art of delegation.  This year he got a camera for his birthday and is determined to take a photo of every animal he sees... so he can remember them all.  He's enjoying the math club and gifted programs that he's involved in at school.  They are working on making a hovercraft among other things.  Tanner is very loving, full of energy, bright, caring and compassionate.  We've had a very FULL year of memories.  Thanks for the laughs Tanner!  We love you!!  

halloween 2008:  Alien Abductee

Easter egg decorating

Tanner at his first spelling bee! 

Up at the microphone

We spent a LOT of time in the sprinklers this year

Going for second!

Llamas in Logan... wait, their alpacas!

A summer full of bowling in Filer

Shoshone Ice Caves during our June "staycation"

Snakes at the Live History Days in Jerome

Sometimes he gets frustrated 

But in the end he's such a good big brother to all his sisters

One of the resident "Pretty" Mantises (as Jocelyn calls them)

Tanner's New Camera

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