Monday, September 29, 2008

It's a sickness

Well, it seems I've had two seconds to myself and heavens knows I can't have that!

So.... I decided to come up with a new product to sell on  It's still in development... but almost done.  I figured I'd give you all a sneak peek.

big fan fare please.....

tah daaaah!

it's Fridge Flair!

Now... I'm sure your all aware of how this surely will change the world... but calm yourselves down... it's just a bit of fun to decorate with.

I'm planning to offer 3 different sizes.  People will be able to order their fridge flair magnets with either a picture that they provide, or their favorite flair from facebook.  

I'm in the process now of making all the full size fridges which measure 4.5 x 9.5 and I'll also be selling mini fridges (or maybe I'll call them ice boxes) that are 3 x 4.5.

They have magnets on the back and so can be attached to any metallic surface i.e. the fridge, your cubicle, a steel door, well... you get the point.  They can also be opened and just stand on any surface, like your office desk, kitchen.... again... you get the point.

OK.... now Here's where you guys come in.... 

What the heck should I charge for them??  I welcome any and all thoughts on the matter.

I'm also not sure if I'll sell the cases separate from the flair or combined... or both...  anyway.... let me know your thoughts please!!  

here's some bigger pictures so that you can see it more in detail


Erin said...

Cute! Did you actually make the little fridges? I love them. I think you should sell them separately. Cost? I have NO idea. I think for the flair like $3 for the littlest one and up ($5, $8)? I don't know. Cool though. So excited!

Marchant Mayhem said...

yup.... I made the fridge

$3, for one??? really?? or did you mean for a set?

thanks for the feedback!

Tiffany Cameron said...

THESE ARE SOOOO CUTE!!! Whatever you decide on pricing them at - I want some! I think you should sell them separate also. I think $3 is a good asking price. So yep, I pretty much just copied everything Erin already told you!

amberd. said...

HEY BEAST!! THANKS for putting my CUTE pic up on your flair! haha! I saw that at Stephs. I left you a comment but realized it was under her I deleted it. I am home now and wanted to tell you I LOVE your flair idea! You KNOW how much I'm addicted to facebook flair! haha! Will you make one that says "STALKER" on it so I can send it to Tiffy for Christmas? lol!

As far as pricing...I would NOT pay $3 for a tiny one. Maybe a big one. But not a little one. How big are these suckers anyway? Where did you find the button cases? I'm intrigued now! Why did you not think of this while you were in Missouri? Now I cannot be involved in all the detail planning.

Dumb. Stupid. Dumb. -K...not you. Just that you're gone. Sooo....what is this I hear about Barb being released? Boy...I'm out of the FREAKING LOOP dawg! Call ME!