Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!! ;)

Well, I had an awesome birthday this year!

Our wonderful friends that we love, the Hendersons, came down from Boise for the weekend.  We had a big ol' Mexican fiesta Friday night.  I must say that I made some darn good mole (from scratch even).  I slow cooked chicken all day and the final result was amazing shredded chicken tacos with ALL the fixings!

So what if I didn't get it all on the table till like 7:00.... So what if the fridge repair man who was supposed to show up all day didn't get there till 6:00.... So what if I was fixing dinner in my very small kitchen getting a workout as I jumped over his legs every other second and dodged 5 little ones who were all very hungry by this point....  *grin*  it was all worth it.

Well, we played ticket to ride that night (a VERY fun game for anyone wondering) and then spend waaaay too long watching funny commercials and video on youtube (gotta love it).

The next morning, after picking up a package at Fedex (woo hoo) Whitney and I drove the town and hit a garage sale (does it get any better??).  When we got back to the house the boys decided it would be a good idea to head to Shoshone Falls for a picnic... and was it ever.

We had a blast and the kids LOVED it.  We had our little picnic, complete with cake and silly string (the guys just couldn't resist themselves at Wal-Mart).  The falls weren't exactly raging, but it was still beautiful.  I'll include a picture in this post of what they look like when the dam behind it is letting the water flow.

We also found a lake up above that will be super fun to come back to in the summer.  There was a dock shaped like a big U that enclosed the swimming area... so you can walk all around it.  There was even a diving board off a rock in that area as well!  I know we'll be spending many a summer vacation day out there.

After we got back the Hendersons headed back to Boise and I was off to the Relief Society Conference where Elder Ukdorf gave an amazing talk about creativity... gotta love the man.  Here's a link to his talk

I topped the weekend off with giving a talk on Sunday.  I've always wanted to actually keep my talks... I guess for posterity or something.  I'll include it in my next post.  It was a good talk for me about the Atonement.  Most of my thoughts came from a book called The Peace Giver, which I highly recommend for one and all.  

Well, I'm finally the big 30... and all I have to say about that is.... "it's about time.... I've felt it for like the last 8 years!"  heee heee....

Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes!!!

i LOVE you all!


camery said...

Happy Birthday Randi! Love you! I will reply to your email soon, I promise!

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