Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finding that Perfect Tree

This was definitely the marathon day of the season.

We started by going to see Santa. Old Town St Peters has a day with Santa at an historic log cabin each year. The Santa is nice and they give the kids a bag of goodies. There’s even hot cocoa and cookies for us old farts. The Dahle clan and Spencer Henderson came alone for the fun.

Next it was off to cut down a tree. Except for the fact that Jocelyn (who at this point had decided on her own that she was only using a potty) was working on something that required frequent (unfruitful shall we say) visits to the toilet, it was a great time for all.
We found our tree right away.... at the very furthest edge of the lot. It was just sitting there, glowing.... angles singing.... we knew it had to be ours. Little did we know this tree was in dire chiropractic need. We soon found out that the trunk bent to the side by about a foot.

It’s actually funny to see it all set up now because the tree skirt isn’t centered under the tree. We love him anyways though!

After so much excitement we were all ready to head home. Our friend Spencer that was living with us for a few months passed on his family tradition of making chocolate kiss trees to count down the days till Christmas.

What a day, what a day!!

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