Friday, September 11, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Jocelyn is our little Sleeping Beauty.

Lately Joce has been falling asleep in the middle of the day.  She must be going through quite the growth spurt (something long in coming) and it seems to be taking a lot out of her.  I'm wishing that we had taken a picture of all the events... but really the list is getting longer every day, and that would be too many pictures.  Usually she succumbs to the exhaustion in the midst of being shy and hiding when someone comes by for a visit that she doesn't know very well.  This is unbelievably cute *AFTER* we've spent 30 min or so searching for her.  During which time my postpartum paranoia has already pictured dredging her out of the deep canal that runs through our back yard.... it's just what happens to me now a days.  The saddest occurrence was when Ben and I went out the other night and the kids had a sitter.  I know she hadn't been there long because Rylie and Tanner had just seen her in her room, but when I found her.... she was wedged between the shower and the toilet in the master bath with her pants at her ankles, fast asleep.  Apparently she had wet herself and didn't want to show the babysitter.  Besides that time (which was kind of sad to come upon) we've gotten quite a kick out of her "hiding" aka napping spots.  I also can breath easy knowing that if anything this child is consistent and she sticks to 4 or 5 spots which I regularly check first now... instead of the canal.

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Hester said...

That is just so funny! We all miss you guys. The girls keep asking when they can see their cousins again. We really have to get out west soon.