Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guess who's 6 *fyi* in a few day's I'll be reposting this to the appropriate date... you know when I SHOULD have written it.


Here's the annual list of favorites.  We love you very much Rylie and are so proud of the little woman you are becoming.  You are amazingly compassionate, insightful and tender.  You might try to convince us all that you're a hard little nut, but under that shell you're such a softy... and dare I say it... as girly as they come!  And we LOVE you for it!


color -  Red
food -  Mexican, usually a quesadilla or a big DOUBLE cheese pizza
animal - Cheetah
hobby - Riding her scooter
flower - Red rose

This is "Sunny" Rylie's horse that she's riding every other week.  Her teacher says that she is a natural.  She can steer, start, stop and trot.  All without a lead from the first lesson.  When we were waiting for her lesson to start last week we were able to watch the "big girls" jumping on their horses.  Rylie is very excited to be able to do that one day.  All I know is that be it ballet class or wrestling... that girl can do what ever she puts her mind to.

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Erin said...

Oh my! She is so adorable. Rylie just cracks me up with her personality. I just noticed the picture of her and James in the sink. They are so little. I can't wait to see what Rylie will do with her life. She is one to watch!