Monday, November 10, 2008

The city museum

I just love this picture.  Shucks... I'm such a lucky gal to have a guy who loves me ;)

This is in the under the sea room

Roller Slide:  super fun, but a bit of a bumpy ride

The whole gang at the museum!  SUCH GREAT PEOPLE ;)

sumo dude... you're NO match!

I think this was my favorite thing... a skate park without the wheels!  ingenious... lol

k... I'm like 2 stories up here.. at least

Aren't they sooo cute!! I LOVE these guys!  hmmm.. I can't remember who stuck their finger in the picture... Ben or Wendell... oh well I'll just have to yell at both! lol

I just love this pic!  So... we can start and end with it *grin*

A bit late in the posting of this... but none the less enjoyable!

Right before we moved from MO Ben and I did something completely unheard of.

we went on a DATE!

Amber,  Craig and Unc. Wendell came along too.  The big outing was to go experience the city museum.  This place is UNBELIEVABLE!

Some guy just put this place together with recycled things he found all over the city.  Just think of a children's playland for grown ups.

you can see all of their pictures here, worth a peek

So here's the highlights:

We first went to Crown Candy.... this total hole in the wall (seriously in the middle of the projects, a little scary) but totally worth it!  It has a 50's diner kinda flair.  The food was amazing.  On the Dahle's recommendation I got the BLT.  This puppy had about 3 inches of crispified bacon deliciousness!  sigh....

After some yummy ice cream treats we were off to the city museum.  I don't even know where to start.

There was a great magician entertainer guy 
4 story slides to zip down
wire tubes that you climb through that are like 100 ft in the air
a ball pit with kick ball size balls
jungle gym type mazes to climb through
an entire area that looks like underground caves (seriously you can get lost!)
a room of street skating half pipes and such (SO FUN)
sooo many artifacts from old buildings 
and under-the-sea area with aquariums
vintage gaming stuff
an old vault and mirror room

and I'm sure I'm forgetting like half the stuff.

Anyone on their way to the midwest really has to go here.  My only regret is that we didn't go till our last week in town.  I would have loved to bring the kids back during the day.  



Erin said...

Looks like tons of fun. We will have to go sometime while we are still in the Midwest! I lost your number too. Email me.

Tiffany said...

how fun! that slide looks a little dangerous if you ask me. ha ha ha
i am glad you posted that picture before and after - YOU LOOK ADORABLE!
as for the weight-loss blog, I need a current pic of you my sweetie (did that sound like the wizard of oz? the green witch? If so - that's what i was going for!)
and how much you want to lose. (so what 1/2 lb?)

camery said...

What fun! You look FANTASTIC! And your uncle is a dead ringer for your dad. Seriously! Call me at my mom's house ANYTIME. 0497. you know the first six...right?

amberd. said...

RANDI!! I looooove you! This makes me miss you. For some reason...I cried on my pillow for you today. Are you sure you can't come back now? You've had enough of that new place right? *sigh* I knew there would be days like this.

I had so much fun at the city musuem. We were sweaty dirty pigs afterwards weren't we? You should have definitely highlighted how Craig lost his wallet 3 stories up! It fell to it's death! haha!

Love you and miss you.


kimhumpherys said...

City museum is so great! My kids were overwhelmed by it though. I went w/Ams a few years back when I was still in Michigan! Anyhoo..I wanted to ask you something, not related to this post but I don't have your, I'm asking in my how do I go about editing my photos so cool like your blog header and then arranging them in photoshop elements to create a christmas card. I know you taught Amber how to edit! But I also know you love her..he,he..and I'm just a stranger! I know there are layers and such, but I've never succeeded..anyhoo..if you could help me, I'd so love it. My email is Thanks!