Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fashionably Late

This picture is a bit old, but it's something we like doing. We'll take another circle pic soon. I'm hoping for one a year. This one, if you can believe it was last Oct.

Let's see if we can actually keep up this blog.... I'll try, really... with all my free time between home schooling Tanner, babysitting for a 4 month old baby, being in charge of our wards enrichment program, teaching Rylie her ABC's and soon to be potty training Jocelyn.... not to mention Tanner's B-Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Jocelyn's B-Day and Christmas all in the next three months

hee hee so when I don't post anything, be sure to ask me about it in January 08. HA!

Here's for good intentions!

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